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Meet the Chiropractors at Hartley Chiropractic Center

Dr. Theresa Hartley

For Dr. Hartley, chiropractic is all in the family. Adjusted by her chiropractor father since the day she was born, Dr. Hartley grew up working at his practice in nearby St. Petersburg. Her uncle was also a chiropractor. “Being around chiropractic for my entire life, I knew from a young age that this is what I wanted to do with my life.”

Dr. Johanna and Dr. Hartley

Dr. Johanna and Dr. Hartley

Dr. Hartley embarked on her chiropractic career path by first attending the University of Central Florida for her undergraduate education. She then moved on to the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL. Her background and familiarity with chiropractic helped her in her studies, and she was able to remain close to home during her years at chiropractic college. Read more…

Dr. Johanna Turner

Afflicted with asthma that left her sick often and feeling frustrated, Dr. Johanna needed relief from the disease. She hated going to the doctor and getting medication. A natural solution, however, was on the horizon. “My mom was a massage therapist and started working in a chiropractic office. I started getting adjusted without knowing too much about chiropractic.” When Dr. Johanna started receiving chiropractic adjustments, her asthma improved!

“Over the next couple of years, I didn’t have to be dependent on medication anymore. I could be active and participate in sports like I’d always wanted to.” Dr. Johanna’s experience with chiropractic was so life-changing that she knew early on she wanted to be a chiropractor. Read more…

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