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Functional Medicine in Pinellas Park

Hartley Chiropractic Center believes in a holistic approach to wellness that uncovers addresses the root causes of your symptoms. We incorporate functional medicine into our chiropractic care plans to further ignite healing throughout your body—ultimately, restoring your vitality. We regularly help those struggling with autoimmune concerns, depression and anxiety, digestive issues, hormone dysfunction (even if you have been told that your hormones are normal on bloodwork), and thyroid symptoms.

Our Personalized Approach

Your journey to optimal health will begin with a comprehensive consultation and necessary assessments.

Our chiropractors are dedicated to taking the time to listen to your concerns to better understand your struggles and wellness goals. Through detailed intake paperwork and meaningful conversation, we will gain insight into your condition and how we can help you live a happier, healthier life.

Based on our discussion, we may conduct additional testing, including saliva samples, to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening inside your body. With the results of your examination in hand, we will then design your personalized care plan with recommendations aimed at improving your overall well-being.

Comprehensive Care

Our practice seamlessly integrates functional medicine with our corrective approach to chiropractic care. While chiropractic adjustments align your spine and promote nervous system function, functional medicine optimizes other aspects of your health.

The body acts similarly to a metronome. As nutrition plays a crucial role in revitalizing your body’s rhythm, we also provide tailored nutritional guidance to support your wellness goals. Our practice is here to help you build healthy habits now, so you may have a brighter future.

Be sure to contact our practice for more information about our comprehensive care services.

Get Started

It is important to us to consider every aspect of your health when creating your individualized plan of care. Functional medicine allows us to see the inner workings of your body clearly and offer recommendations accordingly to maximize healing.

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